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And We're Back!

Hello everyone! I’m excited to report that the blog is back. It’s been almost 2 years since I have updated this (more on that soon) but I’m thrilled to be able to be in touch with you all again in a fresh new way.

In order to provide you with important topics in AT, fun stories and exciting company news as it happens we are going to take a team approach to making this blog awesome again. Company employees, Meghan Hunt, Kassie Johns and I will be taking turns updating this. Each of us hope to deliver great content from our own voices giving you the chance to get to know us all a little better. We hope you’ll enjoy reading about our adventures in athletic training, athletic performance, business, and more. We are BACK!


PS: Without further ado, here’s Meghan:


Hi Everyone! Thanks for joining us after a long hiatus. Things can get a little hectic in the AT world, and unfortunately updating the blog has slipped away from us. In the past, Mara has been amazing about keeping you all informed with the goings on with the company, with ATs in Massachusetts, and with our per diem clients. With the reboot of the blog, we’ll be alternating between myself, Mara Smith, and Kassie Johns, so you’ll be getting a slightly different perspective each blog post!

I’d like to start by introducing myself. My name is Meghan, and I am the vice president of Precision Athletic Training. I started with Precision as an independent contractor, taking a couple jobs a year around my full-time job schedule. In 2012 I left a job that was a really bad fit for me, and planned on doing per diem work until I found something that I was more suited to. As it turns out, that fit ended up being Precision AT! I started out helping Mara with administrative work, then we decided that I would develop the Continuing Education part of the company (more on that below!), then when Mara had her first baby, I took over the day to day management of the company. When Mara partnered Precision AT with the Skating Club of Boston in 2015, she had to further step back from her administrative role, and promoted me to vice president. Currently, I oversee all scheduling operations for per diem jobs, I communicate with current and prospective clients to get the best possible per diem jobs, I work to maintain and grow our continuing education opportunities, and I still work clinically in the afternoons and on weekends!

My Precision AT baby is our Continuing Education department. We started CEUs with a bang in 2013, launching Injury Care at Your Fingertips. Since then, we’ve grown to add evidence base practice (EBP) lectures, webinars, and home studies. 2017 was our most successful year yet! We had three very successful live lectures, and our home study store sold nationwide! I’m hoping to continue to improve in 2018. Topics that I’m working on are crisis response and management, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and nutrition and fitness. What topics do you want to learn about? What is your preferred method, live or online? Let me know in the comments!

Finally, I want to introduce a Link of the Month. We’ll be using this section for interesting releases, journal articles, research studies, or the like that we are passionate about.

NATA Member Statement on Handling Sexual Abuse

This initial link is close to my heart, as a lifelong (and current) gymnast. The NATA released a member statement on handling sexual abuse, in response to the trial and sentence of Larry Nassar, former team physician for Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics. As both an AT and a gymnast, it truly saddens me to see the rampant disregard for patient well-being in this case, over such a long time. Please remember, it’s not only our professional responsibility to abide by the NATA Code of Ethics, it’s actually part of the Code that we need to report those that aren’t abiding. The athletic training family is close knit, and we need to make sure that we have each other’s backs, and also that we hold each other to the same standards for which we hold ourselves. I’m looking forward to seeing the education program that the NATA is working on, and I truly hope this can save future athletes from the harm and trauma that so many victims endured. As a company, we are in discussions about how to better protect our patients, contractors, and clients, and are looking to implement new policies. Stay tuned for these changes!

Thanks for joining us back on our blog! We’re hoping to update it monthly, but in the meantime, check out our Facebook page, Instagram account (@precision_at) and Twitter (@PrecisionAT) for cool pictures, interesting links, raffles, CEU sales, and more!


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