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Hello all, long time no blog. Here's what’s happening here.


We are well into spring season with some great new public and private school clients as well as some exciting new tournaments. Since I’ve last blogged, we provided excellent sports health care for some less traditional sports including jiu-jitsu, gymnastics, fencing and figure skating! In March the Scorpion Bowl Soccer Tournament which we’ve covered for the past 5 years or so tripled in size. This was exciting but its scheduling was a little more of a challenge. Luckily, the tournament moved their dates back a month this year. It used to be the end of February but this year it was the end of March. This likely allowed for the increased number of fields as many more facilities were ready for play. In Massachusetts, while we still have the possibility of snow at the end of March usually the weather is warmer and the turf fields can be cleared. Last year, the tournament got the guarantee that the fields would be plowed, but under all that snow and there sure was a lot, there was a sheet of ice resulting in cancellations and frustrations for all. In the past we’ve needed to do short shifts as an AT with frost bite is not useful to the athletes. The month difference made the event so much less stressful for everyone and allowed the ATs to work longer if they wanted to. The tournament was a big success and we look forward to providing service again next year.

Business advice to per diem ATs/ independent contractors:

One perk of being an independent contractor is that you are your own boss! You can set or negotiate your cancellation policies but be sure to send them in writing to your clients prior to agreeing on any work.

Also in March, to celebrate National Athletic Training Month, our company led an event called Athletic Trainers against Cancer (ATAC). ATAC was a wonderful event which allowed ATs and

their families to get together and celebrate NATM while raising money for the American Cancer Society. The social took place at Miller’s Boston Ale House and we had delicious food and some amazing raffle prizes including autographed items, a grill, a home entertainment system, spa and restaurant gift certificates and tons and tons of AT related items. It was really awesome and in the end we raised about $2000 for the American Cancer Society. We are looking forward to this event again next year and hope that local ATs will come out with their friends and families.

Athletic Training:

My athletes have been in great shape recently, and the majority of my business is prevention right

now. This includes: stretching, strength training, ACL prevention, hip mobility and scapula stabilization. I was fortunate to be able to volunteer at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships and while this was very little heavy lifting, it felt good to be in the presence of

greatness. Also I enjoyed working with some of the doctors that have been providing care to these athletes for years, getting their insights and hearing their stories. I was stationed just in front of the camera crews and really had one of the best seats in the house for the event. I also was able to cover another skating event recently which was an ice show. This event involved being rink side with a headset during the performance and back stage for treatment before the show, during intermission and after the show. I also was happy to be able to host the wonderful doctors from Childrens Hospital who volunteered their services. Really... I’ve got my dream job.

The Balancing Act:

My son is not just walking now, he’s running and climbing and well, he’s all over the place. There is no option to work, send emails, or even make calls anymore while he’s awake because taking my eyes off him = injured child. (Picture the little one climbing onto a toy car to reach something high up and ... you get the picture.) This leaves me 2 hours (if I’m lucky) in the day during naps or after he goes to sleep at night to get work done. It’s making for long days and nights, but Meghan and Kassie are doing a great job taking care of business administration and everyone seems happy so I think this is all working out well.

Up and Coming Events:

Memorial Day Weekend Soccer Tournament. This is almost full if you haven’t signed up yet... don’t wait.

The Best of Athletic Training CEU Seminar.. This is June7th at Bridgewater State. It’s 2 EBP CEUs and 2 Cat. A CEUs Early bird registration is available until May 6.

Shoot Out for Soldiers. This is a satisfying volunteer opportunity running 24 hours at UMass Lowell from 7pm on June 3rd to 6pm on June 4th this year. This event provides funds to organizations that help our veterans. Please contact if you’d like to volunteer.

NATA Symposium. I’m looking forward to being a panelist at the young professionals "Around the Horn: Young Professional Struggles and What the Profession is Doing to Help" It's on Thursday, 6/23/16 at 10:45am. Hope to see you there.

That’s all folks! (And that was a lot!) Looking forward to seeing many of you at the tournament in the end of May or at NATA!

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