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CEUS and Balancing


Well it’s December! How did that happen? Since I last blogged we have successfully run our first EBP (Evidence Based Practice) continuing education seminar. Honestly, I don’t think it could have gone any smoother. Our entire staff stepped up to help and they were just awesome with everything from setting up, to videotaping, to photography and lastly “bouncing”. That last job was us all taking short shifts standing out in the cold letting our attendees onto the locked campus. Our employees totally had “service with a smile” without me even asking this of them. When does that happen? I feel seriously lucky to have each one of them. Meghan did a wonderful job planning the seminar, and evaluations were all very positive. I think we’re definitely getting the hang of it having these seminars. One of the comments that seemed to come up quite a bit though was that there was too much research. Sorry all, that’s what EBP is supposed to be! I am looking forward to more seminars in the coming year and speaking of which….

Next up is our concussion webinar series which features 4 aspects of concussion and is geared to ATs and coaches. This will be our first webinar based learning seminar. We’re excited to be able to offer ATs all over the country a convenient way to get CEUs from the comfort of their own homes. If you or anyone you know still need an easy way to get some CEUs this year, the course is this coming Monday and next Monday (the 7th and 14th of Dec 2015.) Sign up here!


At home, we have found a schedule that works for us that is easy to stick to. When my son Eli was about 5 months old, Beckie Brannen, Mom, ATC, CSCS recommended to me the book “12 Hours of Sleep by 12 Weeks” by Suzy Giordano. The main gist is to get the baby on a schedule as early as possible.While we didn’t start its recommended program until Eli was around 6 months old, the theories and recommendations that the book preaches still worked for us. The baby knows when eating, napping and bedtime happen and he seems really happy being on a schedule. This also allows me to be consistent with when I make phone calls and do other work. The book recommends getting the baby on a schedule that works around the parents' lives. Doing so has allowed us to feel like we are getting enough sleep every night and have enough time to play with him as every day. Spending quality time with him is of course always the ultimate goal.

That’s all I've got today! Hope your winter is off to a great start! We also hope to see all you local ATs at our booth in the exhibit hall at the EATA Convention!

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