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Everyone, I apologize that it’s been so long since my last blog. During our busiest season of the year (and ever), I was presented with a huge life changing opportunity which I’m excited to tell you about.

Many of you know that I competed as a figure skater and synchronized skater for the majority of my life. The injuries that I sustained and time I spent with physical therapists was what eventually lead me to become an athletic trainer. When I learned about this profession during my junior year in high school, my goal was to get into University of Delaware (also a High Performance Figure Skating Center), graduate with a degree in AT and then get a job working with skaters. In high school, this was the “dream job”.

As we all know, childhood dreams certainly change. More than 10 years later, I was extremely content with running Precision Athletic Training and spending time with my little one year old. Then all of a sudden, in the second week of September, I was asked if I would be interested in interviewing for my “dream job”, the athletic training/strength and conditioning position at Skating Club of Boston.

To make a long story short, after serious deliberation about changing our content little lives, I interviewed, was offered the position, accepted it and began 3 weeks ago. The position is about 16 hours/week and I teach 5 strength classes. While there was an excellent AT here prior to me, I have been asked to start a new practice from scratch and be responsible for all financial aspects of this.


I have promoted our manager Meghan to vice president and she is in charge of pretty much everything Precision AT related. Our PR rep, Kassie has taken on more administrative work and I’m taking a major step back from Precision Athletic Training to build this practice at the rink. So far the two are doing a great job keeping up with the busy season. But as always, we need more ATs. If you’re a Massachusetts AT, we need you and are offering nice little incentives. Sign up here!

At the skating club, classes are going well, participants are happy and I have some patients already. As we can’t accept insurance in MA, I needed to create a pay-out of pocket system which involved creating some new documents, and figuring out how to do the record keeping and billing.

Athletic Training:

I’m excited to have my own patients again. Starting this job 3 weeks before an important qualifying competition has been a bit stressful and it’s been a learning curve. It seems like referring most new injuries that occur during this time of the season is going to be the way to keep coaches, athletes and parents most content. While normally I’d wait a week to see if the patient responds to regular treatments, it’s evident that is not a good course of action during qualifying competition season. If anti-inflammatories are an option, I’m probably going to need to refer. (That’s my thinking for now anyways)

Balancing Work and Family:

The biggest change here is that I’m rarely working from home anymore. The baby has started part time day care a few days a week and more “hanging with Grampy”. My husband has changed his schedule to be able to pick him up each day and I basically try work as much as possible during his naps, after bed time or during down time at the rink. I try to make all calls during my commute and do everything I can to get as much time with the baby as possible while he’s awake. This involves sticking to a pretty strict schedule and sometimes late nights in front of the computer but I know that his little-ness isn’t going to be here forever and so a little less knitting and TV time is not a huge sacrifice.

Well hopefully it won’t be this long before my next post as I’m adjusting to this new life now and am starting to feel more comfortable with my new schedule and dream job.

So what's your dream job? There’s an area below for you to tell us all about it.

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