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Weathering the Weather


How is everyone doing with this weather? We're getting by here. The cancellations have been absolutely insane and the reschedules have been even worse. I am luckily somewhat behind the scenes on this all as Meghan flawlessly cancels and then reschedules. It’s seriously confusing. The one cancellation that did come to me directly, was disguised as a compliment! "Hey Mara, Thanks for the great season. We're done now and will make sure that all invoices are turned in." I did not realize from this, that there was a game scheduled that afternoon! I just thought it was an athletic director thanking us for a job well done! Luckily it was non-weather, last minute cancellation so we were still able to bill the client and pay the athletic trainer! Phew!

This snow is more than just an inconvenience! I saw the mayor of Boston encouraging people to go to Boston restaurants and local businesses who are losing money from this weather and well, I know exactly how they feel. We spend a lot of time scheduling and contracting and when cancellations happen, it becomes unpaid hours and we don’t like to have this many of those! I’ve also begun fielding the question: “Will ATs still come if we get bad weather and what is our cancellation policy?” Our cancellation policy has been set since the beginning. We require 2 hours notification for weather cancellations to avoid paying for the full time contracted. But we haven’t really had to have a policy for ATs traveling in adverse weather! We can’t require independent contractors to drive in bad conditions and we wouldn’t anyways! A nice part about running a unique company is making policies that will help our profession and others along the way. I am still working on finalizing our “inclement weather / travel policy” but for now here it is: “We expect athletic trainers to drive in some snow. However, we cannot require independent contractors and will not require our employees to drive in dangerous conditions. If you expect your event to go on through inclement weather or unsafe driving conditions, please consider securing a hotel room for the athletic trainer.” I understand that sports happen throughout dangerous weather conditions but in the end they’re just sports and we need to take the safety not only our staff, but also the spectators and parents etc. into consideration. Sports are not life or death situations. They may be our livelihood, but I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing that I required somebody to drive in a blizzard to cover a tournament and something happened to them. So I think that's all I'm going to say about this stupid snow.

Oh I guess one more thing: The state of Precision AT Headquarters (my house): Unfortunately, last night I had the pleasure of learning what ice dams are. Luckily as a “large fish tank owner” I’ve saved old towels throughout the years just in case. They've come in handy with this leak.

Frozen Tundra