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Officially Back in Action!

Athletic Training

Hi Everyone! Happy Holidays! It’s officially winter break and this week I had my first job back since maternity leave. It felt great to go back to work, but a little sad to be away from my little-one for so long! It’s crazy to think that 5.5 hours is the longest period I’d been without the baby in 2 months. Crazy! Anyways, I digress… I assessed a serious injury on my first job back this week and I thought I should blog about it.


Here goes:

In the first quarter of a high school varsity basketball game, Melissa (name changed) a 17 y/o guard was injured boxing out after a rebound. She said that just before she swished a beautiful three pointer, she was kicked hard in the calf. When she came down from the shot she was limping and hopping toward our bench with tears in her eyes. Melissa said the pain in her calf was horrible. And it felt like she “couldn’t feel the floor” also she “couldn’t feel her leg.” Also, she said it feels like “I’m stepping into a hole, or like the floor should be higher than it is on this foot!” We didn't have a treatment table in the gym so our only options for evaluating were the bleachers between her bench and the scorers table. (Talk about feeling like you’re in a fish bowl!) Melissa had no prior history of a leg or ankle injury and did not hear or feel any pops or snaps. I began my assessment with palpation. I first determined that she COULD in fact feel her leg and foot. She also felt the ice bag that was quickly given to her. She had no pain over her tibia or fibula anteriorly, medially, or laterally, but had pain posteriorly over the belly and distal portion of her gastrocs by the proximal Achilles. She also had mild pain over her posterior deltoid ligament, but nothing on the lateral side. She had painful range of motion. Her most pain and limitations were with plantar-flexion. Special tests produced pain with compression and bump tests. Also her Thompson test (sitting in the benches is not good for this test) wasn’t great, but I did get some movement. She c/o numbness in her foot, but she had a steady pulse and good blood return. Initial assessment: bad calf contusion. Plan: We’d ice and elevate until the half (about 5 more minutes) and then see if she could weight bear and go from there.