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If you follow us on Facebook, you were hopefully amused by the conversation that went on earlier this week after I declared that we received our first request for Quidditch athletic trainers. If you are unfamiliar with the game, it’s a game made up by JK Rowling and well explained in the first Harry Potter book and movie. I consider myself a pretty big Potter fan (ya, I’m a huge nerd) so let me give you a little breakdown. Basically, it’s a magical co-ed sport where witches and wizards fly around on broomsticks trying to score points, hit each other with large balls, and catch a little golden ball that flies all around. In real life, humans (muggles) run around with a broom between their legs and simulate this magical game. This week, one of our steady clients asked me if we could cover Quidditch which is one of the school’s club sports. My answer: “Well, we haven’t before… but we can!” He told me that their league required medical staff at their games. Then we had some laughs until he asked me what the rate would be. I told him that research was needed on this and I’d let him know as soon as I decided. He confirmed that there would be no flying.


After doing research from watching videos, talking with people who know players, talking to other ATs, comparing it to similar sports, etc., it was agreed; Quidditch should be billed as a high risk sport. It is also clear that Quidditch players want this to be respected as a high risk sport (See this video!).

Adding a new high risk sport to our repertoire mid-season actually poses a logistical challenge. Our 2014-2015 pricelist and contracts are currently worded as such:

*Precision Athletic Training considers: football, ice hockey, rugby, wrestling, men’s lacrosse, MMA & boxing high risk sports.* On the contract, low risk sports are listed as: ”All Other Sports”

So does this mean that I should now include “Quidditch” on our contract and pricelist in the high risk sports category? Is the game going to take off enough that this amendment needs to be made? Will the directors of the other high risk sports take issue with being lumped in with Quidditch? Does having an imaginary sport on the contract take away from the fact that we are providing medical services to serious competitors? Do I want to have to explain Quidditch on the contract and pricelist to perspective clients? Why do we have to mix business with Harry Potter!?!?!

I’m always glad to provide ATs with another interesting opportunity to showcase our profession, but this one sure came as a surprise! I guess time will tell how I decide to deal with this from a legal standpoint. Advice is always welcome! For now, I think I’ll do a little more research. What? I have to read The Goblet of Fire (again)??? I guess if it’s good for the company….. I’ll do it.

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