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It's Officially Fall


Well, it’s 9/11/14 and fall season is in full swing. Our client list is about a week ahead of where we were last year with just over 60 clients contracted and lots of ATs already working away. It’s been exciting to get new clients and larger lists of dates from our existing clients! This means that your work has been valued to the point where clients can’t imagine having games without you. Nice job!

While it’s been really exciting to watch the calendar fill up and big job emails go out every day, it’s honestly been difficult to keep ahead of it all during normal business hours. Even with Meghan and me working on this full time! We’re getting schedule changes, last minute requests and full season requests in every day. Also, now that we have more than one administrator, we needed to figure out a better way to all be on the same page about everything that’s going on and what needs to be done with each job. We’ve come up with a great new spreadsheet system for our clients that tells us all of the vital information for each job. Thus far, it’s been working out well and will hopefully make for a smooth transition into the winter season. We still need more ATs as some excellent jobs in our emails have been lingering on the list for a while! If you know any (awesome) ATs interested in per diem, please encourage them to sign up!

Also, here are a couple of tips for landing these jobs if you are replying to our per diem emails. As you know, most jobs go pretty fast!

1. Keep your calendar easily accessible so you can reply quickly, accurately and with confidence.

2. Always reply to the actual email. Do not email Meghan or me directly! Do not call, text, IM or tweet us! Reply to the actual email.

3. Please don’t say you can work something if you really can’t or that you can do an entire job when you can really only work 1-2 dates. We frown upon this.

4. Read the directions at the top of the email and in the job description. Reply with all of the information that is requested. Job number and date you can work are a must!

5. Do not change the subject line of the email when replying. Also, if you reply twice, your second email will “trump” the order of the first email and push you down the queue. That’s how our email system (gmail) works. Most jobs are first come first serve, and we go right down the list so your best bet is to reply with all the job numbers and dates that you want in 1 email.

That’s all for now! Hope you’re fall is off to a great start!

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