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Yesterday, 4 Precision ATs spent the day at Fort Devens covering a HUGE Ultimate Frisbee event. If you have ever covered Devens, you know that this site is ridiculously large! Here’s a map so you can see what I mean. However, with the appropriate tools, (tents, walkie talkies and golf carts) and depending on which fields are in use, this site can be covered effectively with between 2 and 7 ATs.

The first time I was asked to work at Devens was 2 years ago for a youth lacrosse event. One of our employees, Mike, had covered this tournament before and said their main facility, Rogers, which would contain 14 small lacrosse fields could be adequately covered with 2 ATs at a main tent with 2 golf carts and walkie talkies. To say I was hesitant about this was an understatement. I was appalled and insistent that 2 ATs could not be enough. But, Mike was persistent that it was a good set up and he would not put me in a bad situation and I’m glad I trusted him, because he was right! For youth or low-risk sports at Rogers, this setup works! Who would have thought? Devens is not just Rogers though… they actually have 3 other field areas; Museum, Willard, and Antietam which require their own ATs. Long story short if you are ever asked to work an event at Devens (or any facility you are unfamiliar with), be sure to get the details of which site you’re working, the number of fields and AT set up. It’s definitely a good idea to ask an AT who has covered the site before about the best way to provide coverage.

Yesterday, Beckie and I we were very busy at Rogers. Surprisingly though, we didn’t make too many trips out to the 21 “short fields” we were responsible for! Also, we had no ambulance calls, which is pretty impressive for having so many athletes in play at once. As it turned out, the ultimate disk players seemed to get off the field after their injuries and then if necessary, they’d come find us. Also, I found it interesting that not once were we argued with when suggesting an athlete take the rest of the day off. They seemed more than willing to be done for the day! It was weird but also refreshing!

Beckie and I worked this tournament together last year and by the end of the day yesterday, we were like a well-oiled machine. Our main table was pretty much non-stop with requests for tapings, evals, first aid and or course ice bags. We opened band-aids for each other or one of us grabbed an ice bag while the other did an eval. We tossed the tuff-skin like 2 skilled bartenders. In the 9 hours we were there, we did not sit for more than 7 minutes at a time but we had a pretty awesome system which made the day fly by. Team work makes dreams work, and even though I’m not usually a fan of long days, I definitely look forward to working with her at this event again next year!

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