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Letting Go of the Reins


When you start a unique company like Precision AT, it is kind of like a combination of inventing a wheel and having a baby. You have to decide the logistics and mechanics of how it will operate and how you are going take care of it to ensure its success. You learn a lot as you go and must evolve with its growth. In doing all of this, you and the company develop this symbiotic relationship. You depend on it for your financial wellness, but all of a sudden it is this alive and growing entity that depends on you to survive. And you start to care about it a lot, like it’s your child and you worry about things like: What is going to happen to this baby if I get hit by a bus or something unxpected happens to me? How would anyone know how this all works? OMG, how will people get paid?

About 4 years ago it hit me: I made this company, I liked it, other people seemed to like it; I had to make sure that someone else could take the reins just in case. Also, I knew there would come a time when I’d need to take a break or vacation and since sports don’t ever take breaks, I needed to train someone. Our efforts with Precision AT New York, (no longer a real thing) was a great way for me to train someone else how to “be me” and without Jason and Anna, I might have never been able to take that first vacation (our honeymoon). But all business owners will tell you may never REALLY get a true day off. You are always worried about what’s going on, like it’s your child.

Fast forward to right now: It’s Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend around 4:30pm. Our dear friends, Joe and Michelle literally just got married in Buffalo and we are between the ceremony and reception. My husband, Kevin, a groomsman, is off having photos with the bridal party. It’s Precision AT’s busiest weekend of the year with 70 ATs scheduled and 95% of them at the Needham Memorial Day Soccer Tournament which we cover every year. When the “save the date” card came for this wedding, I groaned loudly and then quickly got over it knowing that everything would be fine. This is actually the second time that Kevin has been in a wedding during this tournament. Last time, I did everything leading up to the event, and then passed the reins to Terri who successfully and awesomely ran the show. But as I’ve been thinking more and more lately about what if something were to happen to me, I figured that it would probably a good idea for someone else know how to run and organize this entire weekend and that is one of the reasons why I’ve been training Meghan how to “be me”. We’re almost half way through the tournament and I’ve probably text her a million times already. She hasn’t needed me once. She’s doing great and I need to stop worrying. It’s just really hard to let go of the reins.

Finally for some news: One of the “something’s” that I’ve been hoping for has happened to me! Kevin and I are expecting our first child in November! We are so excited! With all of the changes that are going to happen in my personal life, it will be time to let go of the reins again but it’s a relief to not have to worry so much about the well-being of my first “baby”, Precision AT. I know it will be in good hands.

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Karen K says:

May 29, 2014 at 5:29 pm

Congratulations, Mara! How wonderful and so very exciting for you and Kevin!!!!!

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