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Well, we’ve been in business for over 5 years now and it finally feels like the right time to really start this blog. This is my first experience with blogging so please bear with me as I navigate these new grounds. I’m Mara Smith and the owner of Precision Athletic Training. I started this company to try to provide athletic trainers (ATs) with great per diem opportunities.

In my 10 (and then some) years as an AT I’ve had some rough, weird and just plain bad experiences with per diem. I didn’t like how I was never reimbursed for supplies or how I never knew when or if I’d get paid. I didn’t like working without a contract and was very upset about a time I wasn’t compensated for a cancelled camp after keeping open a full week of my summer. Lastly I didn’t like when administrators wanted to pay me peanuts for providing them with medical services. I felt like we needed a union or some kind of company to look out for us ATs and that’s why I started Precision AT; to streamline the per diem process and make it easy for ATs to find good jobs that they are confident in. Also to help clients to find good ATs. Along with this I wanted advance the profession by to raising per diem salaries and educating administrators about what we do.

I work mostly from home on the administrative end doing contracting, sending job emails, billing and doing a lot of what we call “calendaring”. In the beginning, working from home was pretty lonely. It wasn’t like my old school positions where I could chat with my colleagues at lunch or joke with patients in my athletic training room. It was just me and my computer in my room. A woman. A woman and her computer. A woman and her computer and her dog Stella who would rather take a walk. (That was the Chevy Silverado commercial). My “work friends” were the people at the post office and bank. It was a little sad I guess. I rarely got to meet the people who I was sending to work but I would try to go to the different sites to meet ATs just so I could put a face with a name. As the company has grown this has changed considerably with the help of email, g-chat, phone calls, tournaments, conventions and random jobs. I’ve been so lucky to meet, work and learn from with the greatest ATs around and have had a blast connecting people with jobs, and friendships with other professionals.

In this blog, I plan to talk about some of my experiences as an athletic trainer turned business owner. I’m currently covering for one of my employees while he recovers from shoulder surgery so I’ll share some of my stories about the differences between working in the private school environment and my new vocational/technical school environment. Lastly, I hope to hear from you all about your experiences as well in the comments section as this company and blog is a place where we can all learn from each other! I’m really looking forward to sharing and interacting with you all! -Mara Smith

Comments from old site:

Mara Smith says:

February 16, 2014 at 11:40 pm

Awe, Ally! Thanks so much! You’re awesome to work with too! Keep up the good work!

Ally O'Leary says:

February 16, 2014 at 10:28 pm

So happy to be a part of the of the Precision Athletic Training family! I wish every state could offer Precision AT! Thank you Mara for giving me the opportunity to work for your company

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