6:20-7:00pm 6y/o+

4 Week Class Pack 

Classes taught by Mara Smith MS, ATC, CSCS


This 30-minute online class is geared toward figure skating athletes looking to improve their skating jumps. We will concentrate on sport specific exercises including optimal air position, quickness, rotation speed, power to generate jump height, landing position,  balance and stability.


Skaters should be able to execute a minimum of a waltz jump, toe loop and salchow on the ice for this class. More advanced participants will work on axels, combination jumps, doubles and preparation for triples.


Participants need an area with enough space to jump around and potentially fall safely. (Please move fragile or breakable items away from work-out area.) Mats and carpeted areas are preferable as a work-out space. Please wear socks and sneakers to protect your feet and clothes that you can freely move around in. We also recommend having a full water bottle or sports drink handy.  


Zoom link to registration can be found in the document to download after purchase.

Tuesdays 6:30p Off Ice Jumps Single Class