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0.5 Category A CEUs

This installment will review concepts related to muscular strength and performance, as well as motor learning. We will examine current research, and identify ways to potentially enhance both aspects of the rehabilitation process: return of muscular performance and skill execution. Strength Training Principles for the AT seeks to both provide insight into the practice of strength training, and develop connections that can supplement their health care practice.


Learning Objectives

  • Review aspects of muscular strength.

  • Differentiate between muscular strength and performance.

  • Review concepts of motor learning.

  • Outline factors that aid in creating an optimal learning environment.

  • Compare aspects of motivation in motor learning to flow theory.

  • Analyze research related to injury rehabilitation and prevention.

  • Apply understanding to creating training and rehabilitation protocol.


0.5 Category A CEUs

Strength Training Principles: Sport, Skill, Strength (2019)

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