Awe Nuts (Allergies at Camps)

Athletic Training On the first day of camp this week, I collected 10 EpiPens for nut allergies. We have just over 100 campers which means that 10% of our campers are allergic to (or might be allergic to) nuts (oh and shellfish). So much for serving shrimp cocktail at camp today! Isn’t this crazy? How did this happen? Where did all of these allergies come from? Did the nuts get stronger? When I was growing up, I think I knew of only 1 or 2 kids with a food allergy. However, these days, major accommodations are made at camp. To begin with, the paperwork that must accompany each medication brought to camp takes a lot of time and tracking. There are no longer peanut butter and jellies in

Slowing Down

Business Memorial Day Weekend was a HUGE SUCCESS! Thank you to all involved! Sigh of relief; I’m almost ready to take a vacation. Things are finally slowing down here at Precision AT, but here’s what’s going on: Renewals: Insurance and contracts all renew this time of year. Most of this stuff requires math and accounting both of which I do not like, but are part of running a small business. Website work: The plan was to launch a re-designed website early this summer, but then the coverage request form on our client page mysteriously stopped working. I have no idea about the inner workings of websites, so I had to contact my web master to get this straightened out. Now it’s in the han


Athletic Training Yesterday, 4 Precision ATs spent the day at Fort Devens covering a HUGE Ultimate Frisbee event. If you have ever covered Devens, you know that this site is ridiculously large! Here’s a map so you can see what I mean. However, with the appropriate tools, (tents, walkie talkies and golf carts) and depending on which fields are in use, this site can be covered effectively with between 2 and 7 ATs. The first time I was asked to work at Devens was 2 years ago for a youth lacrosse event. One of our employees, Mike, had covered this tournament before and said their main facility, Rogers, which would contain 14 small lacrosse fields could be adequately covered with 2 ATs at a m

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