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At Precision Athletic Training we have two main goals:


  • Providing great service to clients and athletic trainers

  • Advancing the profession of athletic training

Why should you become a Precision Athletic Trainer?


We get it: Precision Athletic Training was created by ATs with more than 100 combined years of athletic training experience.  Our attention to detail and competitive rates produce a desirable per diem experience for our affiliated athletic trainers.


Physician Affiliation: All per diem work with Precision Athletic Training is covered by our standing orders which are signed by doctors at Children’s Hospital.


It’s Simple: You’ll get a jobs email sent right to your inbox which will give you details about each job and our client’s requests.  Just be the first to reply to a job and it’s yours! Also, our website provides you with a central place for contracts, billing and storing your injury reports.


We Value Your Time: 99% of our work is paid hourly, and not per game.  If a team shows up late, or a game goes into double overtime, you will be compensated accordingly.  


Consistency: We like to provide ATs and clients with consistency.  If one of our clients liked your work and requests you again, we’ll call you first!


Quality Control: Precision Athletic Training pre-screens all coverage requests to promote a quality work environment and appropriate compensation.


Contracts and Policies: Our cancellation policies ensure fairness and respect for both our athletic trainers and our clients.


Education: We help you maintain your certification with easy access to CPR and CEUs


Click here to become a Precision Athletic Trainer

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