Athletic Performance Services

Precision AT Athletic Performance provides on-site athletic performance and strength & conditioning sessions as well as workshops and programming. We will work with you to meet your specific athletic performance needs and our qualified coaches will create and implement on-site training sessions at your facility. 

We offer both on-site group coaching as well as group programming which can be done at the athlete/team's convenience.

Group Coaching

Our group coaching is designed for groups or teams of 6 or more athletes. We offer programs 8 weeks long with on-site coaching sessions 2x per week.

Our athletic performance coaches will develop a program based on an assessment of your athletes' strengths and weaknesses, athletic goals, and team or group objectives.

The coach will come to your group or team's facility and run group training sessions based on the athletic performance program designed for your group.

This option provides for a great hands-on strength and conditioning experience as well as an opportunity for team building off the field, ice or court.

8 Week On-Site Athletic Performance Program

2 sessions per week  


*Rates listed are per group/team

Group Programming

Our group programming option is also designed for groups of 6 or more athletes. This option offers more flexibility and independence in terms of when the athletes perform the workouts.

Our coaches will come to your facility to perform a initial movement assessment with your athletes.

He/She would then design an 8-week program for your team or group that could be implemented by your team coaches during practice time or given to individual athletes to perform independently.

This option is great for teams or groups who are looking for a structured training program, but have limited times when the athletes are together off the field, ice or court.

8 Week Athletic Performance Programming

Initial Movement Assessment


*Rates listed are per group/team

Looking for training that is more specific and personalized?

Please contact our Athletic Performance Coordinator, Lauren MacGillivray at


She'll be happy to assist you in accommodating your specific training needs and schedule.